Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Meis Mitzva

There is a certain type of mitzva called a "meis mitzva". Literally it means that one finds a corpse on the road and it has nobody to bury it so you have to do it.

But it has come to mean any mitzva that others aren't doing. I have a friend who is very into saying Krais Shma Al Hamitta with kavana. How many people say it with kavvana?? That is a nice meis mitzva [especially since it is done right before we go into the semi-death mode of sleep].

Here is another: Be a good spouse. If you don't do it - then WHO WILL??? How unfortunate are people whose spiritual, emotional and physical needs are not being met by their spouse. Who else can do it?? Some things people can find substitutes for [they can order takeout instead of eating their wife's food] but in other areas they are totally dependent on their spouse [such as sexual needs]. So remember how much your spouse needs you and how dependent they are on you. Once married - that is IT. One is locked into that one person to the exclusion of the other 3 and a half BILLION members of the opposite gender. That is a big choice and sacrifice!!! Feel good that you were chosen:-). EVERY GUY needs a woman [or if she is a woman - a man] and if the spouse isn't doing the job - it is BAAAAAD news. That is a BIG responsibility. Or as the President likes to say - HUUUUUGEE. 

One of the most important aspects of marriage is taking responsibility. One must know his or her obligations and then fulfill them. That is why I love the gemara. It never asks the spouse how he or she is feeling. Each spouse has obligations which much be fulfilled regardless. It is a binding contract and that's it. If someone is negligent it is bad for the couple, the children, the neighbors [who will hear the fighting] and all of Klal Yisrael [who suffer when there is no Shalom Bayis]. 

Another meis mitzva is being a good parent. Again - if you don't do it - who will?? Only a father can truly be a father and ditto for mom. 

So those are GREAT meis mitzva's for the day [and life:-)]. Be a GOOD, RESPONSIBLE, WARM, LOVING, ATTENTIVE [phone off and away...] CARING, SENSITIVE spouse and parent. 


Bi-ahava rabba,