Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Apology - Dating Yourself - Footing Bills - Long Dates - Flying Pigs

I think most of my readers are younger than I am and thus don't understand the previous post.


The ikker is that you understand the Torah posts. Those are for all ages, not only for people who remember the 1970's as clearly as yesterday.  

I feel like I am dating myself. Which is weird. Like, what do you say on the date. "How many siblings do you have?" "What are your hobbies?" I already know the answers to those questions. But if you date yourself at least you know who will be footing the bill. And that it will be a long date. On a long date you make a על העץ because it will be a shiur and it is also a בריה.  

Why do people "foot" bills? Why not "elbowing" bills? Or "kneeing" bills?

What on earth was Hillary THINKING when she married Bill? 

And when they go out who foots the bill? I mean, they both make SOOOO MUCH MONEY. I know they go out because when I was in Mount Kisco, I walked by a favorite eatery of theirs called [I am not making this up] "The Flying Pig". 

I must get back to business and leave frivolity for the frivolous.