Monday, August 6, 2018

Is A Sword A תולדה Or אב? - Three For The Price Of One

לזכות ידיד נפשי 

הרב שלום יצחק חיים דוורקין

וכל בני ביתו

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HaGaon Rebbi Abba Berman explained Tosfos in a way that will make their question CHRYSTAL CLEAR!

We see from a careful reading of Tosfos, that when a sword touches a corpse, its tumah is not defined as אבי אבות הטומאה like the מת itself but rather it is like an אב הטומאה similar to other טמאי מת. The only caveat is the דיני טומאה of the sword are like the actual corpse insofar [love that word - three for the price of one] as that the status of a person who touches this sword will now be that he is מטמא אדם וכלים.

In the same vein, when a sword comes into contact with a טמא מת, it is not strictly defined as an אב הטומאה but rather it is "demoted" one level and is considered a  תולדה. But as we explained earlier [about when it comes into contact with a corpse], its דיני טומאה will mirror those of the טמא מת insofar as that it is מטמא אדם וכלים. 

So Tosfos' question is very profound: כלי מתכת [like a sword] that come into contact with a טמא מת are inherently תולדות and yet they have the same דינים as the טמא מת which spells "תולדותיהן כיוצא בהן"!? So how can the gemara say תולדותיהן לאו כיוצא בהן??


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