Sunday, August 12, 2018

Compromise - Tzdaka During Davening

This morning a Jew came into shul and approached me during Hallel and asked for a tzdaka. I put down a twenty shekel bill and motioned that I wanted 10 shekel change. The man started to bargain and asked for fifteen. I motioned to him, no, that I wanted to give ten. So he went to look for change, came back, took the twenty and put down 7 shekel.

I was thinking [while trying to say Hallel] "where did that come from? I asked for ten?" Then I realized that he had made a compromise. I wanted to give ten, he wanted me to give 15 so he decided to compromise on 13. 

That's fair. Life is about making compromises:-). 

מי כעמך ישראל:-)!!

Anyway, it is not so simple that one should give tzdaka during davening. Hopefully, we will discuss it in a future post.