Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Tikkun - YAY!!!

I must go public with this. "Come out of the proverbial closet" if you will. 

I have spoken lashon hara in my life. 

More than once. 

I regret it and hate myself for it [but I love myself for so many other things it is batel b'shishim, b'meah and b'elef]. 

But I think I have found a mini-tikkun. 

The dentist was drilling me and accidentally drilled INTO MY TONGUE!!!!

OUCHHHHH!!!:-) [He looked at it and said "זה בסדר". I am assuming that he meant for himself. Like - זה בסדר that his tongue is in great shape:-). He seems like a good guy and REALLY means no harm but "בסדר" is not how I would describe it. Unless it is the first night of Pesach].

And it still hurts. 

But I deserve it. So it should be a tikkun and I should be zocheh NEVER AGAIN to say a bad word about a Yid!!:-):-):-)

Another thought - How often do I thank Hashem for my EXTREMELY USEFUL AND HEALTHY TONGUE. 

I once read about someone who was born with a tongue that was too short that impeded his breathing and he could only speak in a whisper. He needed an operation costing something like 250k which would only PARTIALLY fix the problems - if successful.