Monday, August 6, 2018

The Dog And The Get

This story has been confirmed from a number of reliable sources. 

A non-Jewish female lawyer had a picture of Rav Moshe on her wall in her office. [BTW - When I was a teenager I had one on my wall too but that makes more sense:-)].

When she was asked by a Jewish client why, she related that once one of her clients needed a get and  went with her husband to Rav Moshe to get the get. Rav Moshe refused to grant it. The lawyer couldn't understand - why is this rabbi not helping the couple out?? They want to "get" divorced, let them "get" divorced [the pun is my own:-)]!!

When Rav Moshe was asked to explain his unwillingness he said that this woman brought her dog along with her to the proceedings [!!!]. Every time the man would come closer to the woman the dog would walk away. If they were really married, the dog would not have distanced himself when they were closer to each other. So he must not really be her husband and she is trying to get divorced under false pretenses.

It turns out that this man was really not her husband after all!!

Said the lawyer: This rabbi has either prophecy or great wisdom so I want a picture of him up on my wall.

זכותו יגן עלינו!!