Thursday, September 8, 2016

Unrequited Dreams

The letter written by Rav Dessler in the previous post was a dream I had - and I tried to fulfill it but raised about enough money to buy a nice set of Shas but not enough to start a Yeshiva [just a few hundred thousand dollars short....]. It was the cause of no small amount of distress but it was really not in my hands. In order to actualize any Torah project one needs money and to be honest, I was not successful in even getting 18 cents out of over 99 percent of the people I asked. People encouraged me to do it but weren't interested in being partners. 

It is interesting. A very left wing Conservative leaning Rabbinic Seminary is overloaded with money [much of it from people who keep Shabbos]. They pay the first two years salary of any graduate who is given a job so that there is an incentive to hire them. You can imagine how much it costs to pay salaries for dozens of people working full time who don't generate any revenue. Yet, when people try to raise money for pure, traditional Torah they are often rebuffed.

Of course I say גם זו לטובה but it would add so much to Klal Yisrael. May Hashem bless me and anyone who wants to spread Torah but lacks funding. Chazal said it best - אם אין קמח אין תורה. The reality is that there is tons of money in Klal Yisrael - it is just not all being used for the best purposes We have discussed this at length in previous posts and won't repeat it here. Plus, people get very defensive and even angry that I bring it up.... Others just read and go on with their day as if nothing is wrong. So why waste everyone's time.