Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Find The Solutions To Your Problems

Where lies the answers to your problems? All too often people go for therapy with the hope that the therapist has the answers. The reality is that YOU have the answers to all of your difficulties. The job of the therapist is to remove the layers of dust on your soul thereby revealing solutions. But it is all within you. Believe in yourself and the power of your soul. Let us travel to two great Polish Rebbes and see examples of this. First, the Shem Mi-shmuel in the name of the Avnei Nezer: 

The Sfas Emes says the same idea and adds that whe one goes to a Tzadik, his intention is that the Tzadik should help him find himself: 

All of the solutions can be found within you - through the help of the Torah. Like we said recently - all of the treasures are in your soul. Look nowhere else. Nobody can give you your perfection.