Monday, August 29, 2016

Strange Smarts

Yankele the shoemaker thinks that he is the wisest person in the town, when in actuality, he is the most foolish. In fact, the town folk tell him on a daily basis that he is a fool. One day Yankele hears the rabbi quote from the Bible that the Almighty protects the foolish. Yankele decides that this is his opportunity. "I'll jump off the highest building in town. If the Almighty protects me then I am truly a fool but I won't get hurt, and if I get hurt then I'll have proven to all that I am a wise man." Off he goes, and he jumps off the roof of the town's only three-story building. Of course, he falls badly and breaks many bones. While the town folk rush him to the hospital they hear him moaning, "I am not just a wise man. I am a genius!"