Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Who Is The True Competition?

In a recent post I mentioned that a Rosh Yeshiva explained that he allowed unlimitedd use of modern devices because he is in competition with other yeshivos and a restrictive policy would hurt his chances of attracting boys.

One might suggest that the "competition" is not other yeshivos who are teaching and spreading the same Torah you are but the evil and immorality that pervades society. THAT is the competition. Is it going to be קדושה and טהרה or טומאה and פריצות. 

In the end we have to answer to Hashem. Most kids don't know any better. They were almost born with a smartphone in hand. It is up to the educators to lead the students on the correct path.

But if money, tuition and a large student body is the main concern and not Hashem and His Torah then what happens is what is happening. Kids spend a good part of the year completely immersed in schmutz. 

So I am officially registering my protest over the continued destrution of pure Jewish souls. I hope that SOMEBODY takes this to heart. If someone has a shyla - it can be directed to a qualified yarei shomayim posek. I wonder how many peple ask a shyla before they buy these machines for themselves and their children.