Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Dream - Do I Exist? - Wayne Gretzky On Statistics - Ball In Your Court

There is a thought that has been gnawing at me for probably close to a decade.

Bi-siyata di-shmaya a lot of people come to this blog to visit and learn. BARUCH HASHEM!!!

But what about all of those Jews who don't have the Internet. After all, this is a Torah blog and as such it has SERIOUS misgivings about the Internet. [By the way - all of the money that the US pours into Iran is also a type of "misgiving...]. 

What I would like to do is hire a professional editor to arrange and polish many of the posts so that not one but a dozen or two books are produced. But it costs MMMMMMOOOONNNEYYY - lots of it, and I am not about to start raising money for this cause. There are numerous reasons. The primary one is that I will raise VERY LITTLE. As they say in Hebrew אין חכם כבעל ניסיון. Been there - did that. A frustrating journey to failure. "But there are so many other worthy causes", I am told [Indeed!]. "It is very difficult right now" [I always get that feeling when I see how many frum Jews are in restaurants at any given hour and how full the hotels are vacation time]. "Good Luck" ["To you too!!"]. "Great idea!!"  [Thanks for the compliment. I LOVE compliments. Do you mind telling me that i have great children and that my shirt matches my tie?"]  This is my favorite response -------

Right - being ignored as if I don't exist [maybe I don't - who knows....:-)].

So I won't try. What did Wayne Gretzky famously say?: "You miss 100 percent of the shots that you don't take". So I DEFINITELY won't raise the money if I don't try. But at least I didn't get my hopes up. 

Sometimes talmidim put out their Rebbi's sefer. But I have no talmidim. 

Maybe next year. 

So I throw the ball into your court. Anybody who wants to make a book out of this - GO FOR IT. Maybe you'll be able to make a few bucks off me. I assert no copyright for the first volume that comes out. The moolah is all yours. The zchus we share.