Monday, August 29, 2016

How To Relax - The Pill Generation

לרפואת מנחם אלחנן בן בריינדל 
ר' יצחק בן ברוך
לזכות הרב משה גבריאל בן יהודית 
ולזכות אילנה סימן בת מרים 

"בשלום יחדו אשכבה ואישן כי אתה ה' לבדד לבטח תושיבני"

[תהילים ד-ט]

In peaceful unity I could lie down and sleep. For you Hashem will make me dwell apart and secure. 

[Tehillim 4-9]

We have been learning in this perek that Dovid Hamelech was happy at the success of his enemies. This made him feel that he doesn't even have enemies. So not only אשכבה - did Dovid lie down in peace, but also אישן - he was able to sleep JUST FINE. בשלום - In complete peace. The reason Dovid didn't have a problem with his enemies was because he was living with Hashem so he didn't need people and didn't feel jealousy, enmity, hatred or anything unpleasant. All he needed was Hashem. כי אתה ה' לבדד לבטח תושיבני - I am secure with You alone. 

In he words of the Tzadik:

We live in a generation of sleeping pills, anxiety pills and all other types of pills. Many people would not have to resort to pills if they would only take the advice of Dovid Hamelech. Put all of your hope and trust in Hashem and everything will be JUST FINE AND DANDY.