Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Three Errors Of Snoopy


Snoopy was having trouble being creative because he was feeling PRESSURE to be creative. That is a sure-fire way stifle creativity. 

Then he made another mistake we often make - he JUDGED himself negatively. His personal narrative was that when things aren't flowing as he planned that means that things aren't going well. A healthier way of viewing the situation would be to say "The path to producing a novel is fraught with pitfalls and pratfalls. Sometimes the ideas will flow freely and the creative juices will be plentiful and freely accessible. At other times I will experience writers bloc which all writers experience at one time or another."

Snoopy's LAST and possibly biggest error was not psychological but technological: Why ON EARTH was he using an old fashioned typewriter when we have computers which are sooo much more efficient?! 

So beloved friends: 


2] Stop telling yourself negative things about yourself.

3] Get with the times....:-)

HOW MUCH is there to learn from one little comic. איזהו חכם? הלומד מכל אדם - ואפילו מכלב חמוד כמו סנופי.