Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What The Bank Teaches About Shalom Bayis

I recently looked at my bank statement and was reminded of the secret of a good marriage. I had lots of WITHDRAWLS from the account but all too few deposits. That creates a serious ever increasing MINUS. 


In order to live properly and healthfully, one needs to have more and larger deposits than withdrawls.

Any criticism, demand, instruction, correction or any other type of negativity are like withdrawls from your marital bank account. In order to balance things out one must make sure that there are also generous deposits. [Remember the secret to Shalom Bayit. If you want Shalom - Buy it...]

A deposit is a compliment, a kind word, a smile, appreciation, a gift etc. etc.

If you want to be RICH then make many, many big deposits and limit your withdrawls to as few and as small as possible.