Monday, August 22, 2016

Can't Miss!!!!!!!!!!!!

My beloved friend HaRav HaGaon R' Herschel Berkin Shlita has produced ANOTHER volume [no. 4] of his English sefer on the Ramchal on the Parsha. This time Sefer Bamidbar!! So PLEEEASEEEEEE purchase a copy or 5 of this volume and buy the earlier volumes as well [Devarim is on the way!].

The Vilna Gaon was purported to have said that had the Ramchal been alive in his time he would have walked by foot to Italy to learn by him. And us? Click it on and it's yours!!

Act now!

Great for gifts as well. When was the last time you bought your spouse a sefer of the Ramchal?? Bar Mitzva boys would LOVE IT. Buy one for your Rebbi! Show some hakaras hatov. For every sefer you buy - we both get a larger portion in Olam Haba [provided you learn from it]. But in this world as well your life will be enhanced.