Monday, August 22, 2016

Career Women

Dedicated to Hillary Clinton who is showing Bill the lyrics of the famous song of Broadway Annie "Anything you can do I can do better":-).  

Something I was thinking a lot about when I was in the States. "Career Women". Is it good for women to have a career? Since we are products of modern society the question is a non-starter. OF COURSE it is good. Why should women be any different than men??

Because women are different than men....

This is what I want you to consider: If a couple needs the salary because otherwise they won't be able to cover expenses then there is nothing to discuss - of course the wife should work.

If the wife has a burning desire to excel in a certain profession, then there is also a strong argument that she should work. 

But what about a woman who doesn't HAVE to work but does anyway?

I think of all of the children who are missing out on their mothers. A mother is irreplaceable - even by a Hispanic Nani. 

I think of all of the husbands whose lives revolve around the home and the children and they are losing out on learning, leisure time, sleep and are under great pressure because the wife is so often not home. She is often doing her all night shift in the hospital perhaps. That takes a toll. Many of them are not happy about it. Shhhhhhh. It's a secret. 

I also think of the wives who are losing out on quality time [and quantity time] with their husband's and children because they are so busy with work. It causes them great distress to leave their baby/s [and husband who can be a baby at times:-)] daily. Nobody is forcing them but those are the dictates of society and they follow along. Are they happier this way? Working like a dog at the expense of family? I am not sure. אל תרבה שיחה עם האשה so I haven't had occasion to ask.... 

But I do think that as modern Jews [as in "living in the modern era" and not "modern" in that we are lax in halacha] we should rethink our roles and what is best for us as individuals, best for our families and best for the community.  

Food for thought:-).