Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gifts And Loans

Recently I asked if anyone knew of a way to procure a long term, large interest free loan for a certain Yid. 3 people contacted me [all graduates of Yeshivat Hakotel of the 1990's! Hip Hip Hurrah for that Yeshiva ] and offered vital assistance. This Dvar Torah should be לזכותם that all of their brachos should come directly from Hashem and not through people....

A gedank [a thought]:

In Bentching we ask that all of our sustenance should come directly from Hashem and not from gifts or loans. ונא אל תצריכנו לא לידי מתנת בשר ודם ולא לידי הלואתם כי אם לידך. 

Why? Who cares where the money is coming from?? As long as we get it why should it matter how?? We know that in business the most important thing is the bottom line!

The answer may be that money isn't everything [!!!]. People also have a sense of dignity. When one is lowered to the point where he must seek gifts and loans it impinges on his sense of self worth. The Zohar Hakadosh says that when a person receives gifts בהית לאיסתכולי באפיה - He is ashamed to look in the face of the giver. Some people are desensitized to this feeling but that is the ontological nature of the human condition - we don't like to be needy. 

 Not only that but when he is living off gifts and loans it is often not enough. People are kind but gifts are generally not meant to cover all expenses. When someone gets a birthday present it is not going to cover his mortgage. The tie may be nice, it may even say "Donald Trump" inside but - נישט גענוג. Not enough. His problem is the mortgage payments, not the "litvishe gartel" [because it separates between the brain and heart so that one's knowledge shouldn't effect his emotion...:-)] that people starting tying around their neck for fashion and to lessen the flow of oxegyn to the brain. Looking good isn't everything either... So too a loan. It might help cover expenses but often is not enough and even when it is - loans must be returned.... [I have been doing a lot of this "........." in this post...]

In addition, when it comes from people it lacks the Divine imprint. We want all of our belongings to be surrounded by a halo of kedusha. 

So that is what we say: לא לידי מתנת בשר ודם ולא לידי הלואתם כי אם מידך המלאה הפתוחה הקדושה והרחבה שלא נבוש ולא נכלם לעולם ועד - Not from gifts or loans but from Hashem's hand that is open and wide [it covers all expenses and doesn't necessitate return] and holy [we want our possessions to be infused with holiness] in order that we are not embarrassed forever and ever [because receiving from human beings is embarrassing]..