Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Goodbye Beloved Friends!

I am flying today Bez"H. I wanted to thank the COUNTLESS PEOPLE who made my stay so pleasant. All of the meals, chavrusos, conversations etc. etc. really really enhanced my stay. 

Anybody who would like to be a partner in the various mitzvos with which I am involved and for which I came, and receive a tax deduction, can send to Gemach Zichron Moshe, 130 The Circle Passaic New Jersey 07055. If you would like to underwrite my next sefer [it is already written, just needs an "underwriter"] please note that. If you would like ME to underwrite YOUR sefer or YOU want a donation for your mitzvos, feel free to ask as well!!:-) 

If you would like to join the Skype Yeshiva for next zman, you may contact me at or 972 2 587 0080. 

As the natives say....

hasta la próxima vez

Till next time....