Monday, August 8, 2016

Is The Bris About NOW Or Later? [I Must Say - Pilei Pla-os!]

לזכות אלחנן בן הענא מרים שיצליח ללמוד וללמד מתוך שמחה קדושה ואהבה

The covenant with Hashem is expressed in the sexual organ - which seems odd. To be holy and connected to Hashem would seem to require that one DISTANCE himself  from any involvement in the organ of base desire and lust. 

The Torah, has a different perspective.... 

The sexual organ is the locus of our future. This future is not just next Wednesday when you may have a dentist appointment or an important meeting. The future is a time when the world will be perfected. What brings us to this perfected world is the place of the Bris. So we are not just dealing with an almost overwhelming desire to "actualize the potential" of the place of the Bris for pleasures sake alone but something MUCH DEEPER. An overwhelming desire to reach a futuristic state where the world is perfected. 

When one keeps all of the laws regarding the Bris and lives a life of modesty and holiness he shows that his goal is not the immediate gratification that it affords him but the promise of a futuristic, perfected world.

A Tzadik is one who guards his Bris. The foundation of the Jewish people as a whole is the future [which is represented by the Bris] and thus it makes perfect sense that the entire Jewish nation consists of Tzadikim.

ועמך כולם צדיקים!! 

[PS - We know that our hold on Eretz Yisrael depends on the Bris as we see in Parshas Lech Lecha. So the nine days, when we mourn its destruction, is a great time to fix it].  

Let us see the language of the Rav ztz"l...