Saturday, August 20, 2016

Marriage Is Imperative

I am not judging anyone. To be single and 25 and then 30 and then 35 and to remain pure is virtually impossible. I never tried it but I can imagine. So I am not justifying nor am I criticizing. The point is that the way we were created dictates that we need a spouse. So it is for a man and although I have never been one, so it would seem to be for a woman. If we lack a spouse then all sorts of terrible יצרים crouch at our doorstep. We live in a generation where all of the barriers have been broken down and everything goes. To be part of this immoral world and at the same time to be single and pure is a Herculean task with which nobody should be challenged. 

Chazal say that when one reaches twenty he MUST have a spouse [Kiddushin 29]. Otherwise he almost definitely will spend the rest of his life plagued by illicit thoughts [see Meiri ibid].