Monday, August 8, 2016

Why [Maybe] We Are Still In Galus

Imagine parents lost a child and they were told by a Tzadik at the funeral that if they cry hard enough Hashem will have mercy and give them their child back, full of life, never to die again. How they would cry....

That child, in my humble opinion. is a metaphor for the Beis Hamikdash. We aren't getting it back because we don't know how to cry. Instead we attend programs or watch movies.

I am not against programs or movies that inspire - but it is rare to find a person who really feels the destruction..

Think of it this way: Let's say you own your house. A nice house. In Woodmere or Teaneck. With a huge back yard. And front lawn. 13 rooms. It cost you a hard earned 1.8 million dollars. One day, the police came and told you that this house really doesn't belong to you and by law it belongs to someone else and you must vacate within 24 hours. No recourse to lawyers or anything. It's a goner. Now you are homeless. Nowhere to go and no money for a new place.  

How would you feel? Worse or not as bad as you feel about the fact that we don't have a Beis Hamikdash? The average guy would feel MUCH WORSE about his house. I suspect that I would too [I am, after all, just an average guy...]. 

So if we care more about our little houses than we do about  Hashem's presence on earth then why should we merit the geulah??!

I don't mean to be מקטרג. Jews are good. They sit on the floor and say long difficult kinos. They go without food and drink on a long hot summer day. They reflect. Jews are wonderful.

But we are missing something. 

If I am wrong may Hashem [and Am Yisrael] forgive me.....