Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Diary Entry #2 - Frightening - Rachmanus - הוכח תוכיח - Teshuva - Don't Assault - Kibbud Av Is Hard To Do

Was on the subway and the pritzus is frightening. 

What caused me even greater distress was seeing two couples get off on my stop. The men were wearing kippot and the women who were with them were not dressed properly [well, they were dressed properly for the beach but there is no beach nearby]. And at 11pm. It wasn't even under the hot sun. It was a cool pleasant night. BNOS YISROEL!!! Have rachmanus on your neshmos and the neshamos of those around you. You are going to fast on Yom Kippur and I am sure you keep kosher so why can't you dress decently? Same Torah. Every man who looks at your exposed body is doing a serious aveirah and you are the cause. ה' ירחם. A little respect for others - and for yourselves. [I know that they don't see it that way but the Torah does]. 

I am sure that this is a problem in many places but I wasn't expecting to see it in Washington Heights where so many of the women are tremendous tzanuos. 

I must note how impressed I am with so many families in the neighborhood where the husbands are talmidei chachomim and yirei shomayim, the wives tznuos vi-chasudos and the children זרע ברך השם - lichtige yiddishe kinder. And those are just the Hispanics. The Jews are MUCH better:-).  

I wish I could have said something to those girls but something tells me that they have already heard that Jewish women are supposed to cover their body with clothing and it obviously doesn't stop them....

I hope they do teshuva soon and frankly - I hope I do teshuva soon because there are so many areas in which I am deficient. Thank G-d I dress respectably [I have no yetzer hara to wear a mini skirt or even shorts. I haven't even worn a short sleeve shirt in a decade or two] but there is more to being a Jew than getting dressed. That is just the beginning. 

תמו"ז is an acronym for ז"מני ת"שובה מ"משמשים ו"באים. 


They are constantly announcing in the subway that assaulting a transit authority worker is a criminal offense. Like, I was just about to do it but the threat of 7 years in prison made me stop.

People who need to be threatened time and again that they better not beat up another innocent human being are nothing less than vilde chayos.....

ומסיימים בטוב - I saw my parents and tried to do the greatest mitzva in the Torah but wasn't adequate. How does one properly serve the people who brought him into the world??! I have to do teshuva and hope one day to be the son that I am commanded to be both by natural and [li-havdil] Torah law. [See the Yad Melech on Hilchos Mamrim on Kibbud Av and natural law]. It is a zchus to have parents and to try to serve them.