Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Private People

Some people call themselves "private people".

Is that good, bad, or neutral?

Jewish answer - it depends.....

Some people are private because they want to do mitzvos privately with no fanfare. That is GREAT. The prophet MICAH writes והצנע לכת עם ה' אלקיך - one should walk modestly with Hashem.

Others are private because they want to stay under the radar. They have lots of money [or power or other sought after possessions] but don't want anybody to know about it lest they feel pressured to part with some of it. Money gives people security and the more they have the more they feel secure. But it doesn't have to be that way. One can feel secure just knowing that Hashem is with them at all times. Money? It can all be lost in a moment. Think of how much Steve Jobs lost on the day of his death.... I know very wealthy people who have TREMENDOUS anxiety, despite their wealth. I also know poooooor people who are completely at ease. 

Others are private because they are afraid of what people think about them. WHO CARES what people think of you???! And frankly, most people are thinking too much about themselves to give you much thought.... 

Others are naturally private, bashful individuals. That is great. One of the signs of a Jew is that he is a ביישן.   

So being a "private person" can be good or bad, depending on the reason[s].