Monday, August 8, 2016

Diary Entry #6 - He'emanti Ki Adaber

People have been asking me if I have been "successful" on this trip.

The answer is - OF COURSE. I have been davening three times a day and learning and teaching Torah. What is a greater success than THAT??? The Rebbe Shlita gave me a bracha that I would be able to spread Kedusha and Light while I am here and B"H that has been fulfilled.

But something gives me the idea that at least some people mean to ask if I have collected a lot of money for the mitzvos for which I am collecting.

The answer to that is ...... noooooooooooooo, but to be honest if I had a choice between a lot of money and a little bit of Torah and Yiras Shomayim I would definitely choose the latter. Is money everything? Hashem will make sure that His will is fulfilled. Not my problem.

That being said I have one week and two days left until my return home and I can't help but believe that a TREMENDOUS amount of relief help is on the way.  

האמנתי כי אדבר - When we speak words of Emunah it strengthens our belief.