Monday, August 8, 2016

Why I Favor Birth Control

There is an issue that I believe is of mammoth proportions that nobody seems to be talking about and since it relates to the geulah and we are at a time of year where the hope and anticipation for the geulah is at its peak - it is worthwhile to talk about it.

Birth Control. I am a HUUUUUGE SUPPORTER AND FAN. All of the Arabs, Neo-Nazis, ISIS etc. etc. should be using birth control consistently and within about 100 years many of our problems will be solved.....


But for Yidden??! KHAS VIKHALILAH! We should be having children in the hordes [according to the dictionary definition "hordes" is a pejorative term but I mean it in the most positive way. Dictionary shmictionary!]. Hitler ימ"ש didn't want there to be Jewish children and every one is a posthumous victory over him and all of our other enemies over the generations. Why limit it? Have you ever met a mother who pointed to her sweet 4 year old Moishe and said "We shouldn't have had him." "C'mon", as Warner Wolf used to say on Channel 2 sports, "Gimme a break". Nobody says that. A father is holding his little, adorable Miri's hand on the way to shul [she is wearing a really cute bow in her hair] and he whispers to his friend "She was a mistake. My wife and I regret her". PULLLLEEEZZEEEE! Every parent loves each child in a special way and wouldn't give him up for the world. Bill Gates might have 50 billion dollars but my little Adina is worth MUCH MORE THAN THAT. So I am richer than Bill Gates. [He has one child but I knein ahara and ברוך השם have number of times that]. 

Some women want to have careers. Ahhhhhh careers. So they use birth control and have a comfortable 3-4 children. I promise you - no career woman loves her job more than a mother loves her children. I am not against careers - but I am in favor of Jewish children. I was once one myself and I am sure glad I was born. My mother זאל זיין געזונט was a career woman. She raised her children. Whatta a career!! And now she has dividends - children who adore her, many, many grandchildren who adore her and now we are working on great grandchildren. 

Some people go to Rabbonim to get heterim to limit the number of children they have. Here is an important point: IFFFFFF a woman cannot physically and/or emotionally handle it then she should be taking birth control. She comes before potential children. Some women need breaks in between births. By all means. Not to them I refer. Women are human beings and often fragile ones at that. So they should be in close touch with a posek about this issue. 

But I am talking about people who just don't want to have children for selfish reasons or for convenience sake. I wish I could organize meetings between people who are struggling greatly with fertility issues and would give anything for a baby and people who consistently deny nature and actively prevent themselves from having children. 

The Rav ztz"l [in his notebook from the period when he lived in Boisk] says that the only way we can bring about the future we all yearn for is when we have children. Every Jewish child, boy and girl alike, will serve Hashem and contribute to the world in a special way that will bring about a perfected world. Missing ONE child is a critical, irreplaceable loss. Chazal say that one who prevents herself from getting pregnant is כאילו שופך דמים - MURDERING [!!], because of all of the moral corruption that comes in its wake and ממעט את הדמות - diminishing G-dliness in the world רח"ל, because each person is different reflection of G-dliness!


So please HAVE CHILDREN and then tell me about it so I can announce it in my weekly email and Klal Yisrael can rejoice together...