Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Giving In The Right Places

A wealthy man handed me an envelope at my daughters wedding. He said firmly "This is for your daughter and not for you". 


The truth is that I was not in the habit of taking checks given to me at the wedding for myself. They all went to the chosson and kallah without any explicit instructions. I think a more tactful way of saying it [even if he suspected me of thinking that it was for me] would have been "This is for your daughter [and son in law]." 

Anyway, this individual is a huuuuge supporter of a very "progressive" Conservadox "Rabbi", so I wouldn't have suspected him of wanting to give me anything. All I can say is that everyone should have the seichel and siyata d'shmaya [see end of the first perek of Bava Kamma] to spend their money the right way and to give gifts to the right people.