Sunday, August 7, 2016

Holy Of Holies

לזכות אלחנן בן הענא מרים ללמוד וללמד מתוך שפע אלוקי אין סופי!

The Rav ztz"l says in this passage [as I understand it in my limited way] that our goal is to be holy both in our actions and our thoughts. This establishes holiness both in nature and in our will to such an extent that it even impacts the sanctity of one's sexual relationship in the most NATURAL [it should be natural - we are human!] pure [it must be PURE because ... we are human and not animals] and holy [ditto previous brackets] way. In this way, we reach the level of Adam before the sin when sexual relations had no dirty or vulgar connotations and was totally pure. 

Such an approach ennobles our family ties and sexual relationships to the point of being HOLY OF HOLIES [in sefer Melachim 11-2 the Kodesh Hakodoshim is called the bedroom - חדר המיטות] which is extremely potent and gives long life for generations to come.

ONE SUCH PERSON, who has the middah of "Tzadik" and sanctifies his union, brings TREMENDOUS bracha to his whole generation and to the whole world!