Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Sexual Urge Leads Us To Divine Unity And A Life Of Ideals

לזכות אלחנן בן הענא מרים ללמוד וללמד מתוך שמחה אהבה, בריאות ושפע אלוקי אין סופי

Here is a shiur based on a passage of the Rav ztz"l in Oros Hakodesh [3/300]. It is a big loss if you can't understand it, so please try. 

The points are [according to my understanding alone!!!] as follows:

1] The reason given for Bris Milah, that it lessens the sexual urge, has an all encompassing message. The Bris brings one to knowledge of Hashem and His unity. 

2] The way we view the world is merely a reflection of our internal selves. Your ideology is a refraction of the light in your soul. If all of your powers are directed towards one unifying goal then you can also see that there is unity in creation and there is one Creator. But if one is constantly pulled in different directions, wherever the winds of his desires lie, then he also sees the world as fragmented. 

3] The most basic of all human desires is the sexual urge. If a person can focus his drives on one all encompassing and noble, spiritual goal then he can see Hashem from his flesh [as it says in Iyov מבשרי אחזה אלוה]. It means that his sexual urge [which his at the base of all of his desires] is focused on Kedusha and everything else follows. That is why it is crucial to lessen slighty his sexual appetite by performing the Bris. Otherwise - it might get out of hand.  

4] When one is submerged in his sexual desires that means that he is living in the world of his ערלה. The ערלה causes him to be sealed off from Kedusha.   

5] A pessimist sees the world as evil and therefore there is no reason for him not to let his base desires run amok.

6] An optimist sees the world as good [as Hashem did when he created it] and sees hope for man when he lives a life of ideals and sanctity. This extends to his sexual urges. He curbs them because he wants to live a holy life of which he knows he is capable.