Tuesday, May 1, 2018


As is well known, the Israeli's captured 55,000 [!!!] notebooks and over 100 discs from Iran filled with information about Iran's nuclear capacities.

Think about how they got it. They had spies planted in Iran and when "no one was looking" they snuck into the non-descript dilapidated warehouse where it was being stored and took the critical material that endangers not only the Jewish people [their main target] but the entire world.  HELLLOOOOOO!!! When is "no one looking"??? How much security they must have had around there!! But the Israeli's first obtained information as to where this information was located and then in a carefully planned raid, successfully removed everything. UNREEEEALLLL!!!! How did they do it?? I hope one day we find out. 

But in the meantime - how much gratitude we must feel towards those spies who give a new level of meaning to the word "brave". If they chas vi-shalom would have been caught, one can only imagine how horribly they would have been tortured until dying from the pain. Yet, they risked EVERYTHING in order to show the world Iran's nefarious plans [that they repeatedly lied about when insisting that they have no nuclear capabilities]. Now, hopefully Trump will nullify the deal Obama made with Iran and in the future no deals will be made with lying, deceitful, duplicitous, evil, conniving, bloodthirsty animals [to be generous].

And next time you find something hard - you can take inspiration from our brave brothers who risked everything to save our people. Nothing we do is nearly as dangerous or scary.

Of course we must thank HASHEM YISBORACH who forever watches his people and stands with us despite the fact that בכל דור ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותנו!!!