Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Religious Coercion In Israel

It was very nice that the embassy was moved to Jerusalem. It signifies that the US [a.k.a. Donald J. Trump] recognizes that Jerusalem is our capital and that they are on our side. It was a dagger in the heart of our enemies, the murderers who want our annihilation and claim Jerusalem as theirs. It is nice that the US is on our side. In the previous administration this was clearly not the case.

Historically, the Arabs ARE connected to Jerusalem. We can't deny that - if history started 80 years ago.

From the Jewish Press:

5 Facts To Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City

1. The Quran While Jerusalem is mentioned in the Tanach over 500 times, it is NEVER mentioned in the Quran, not once! Many Muslims claim this is a lie and claim the word Al Aqsa means Jerusalem. Al Aqsa literally means “The Farthest Mosque” and in no way does it mean Jerusalem.

Taken from Wikipedia Al Aqsa’s Religious Significance in Islam The mosque is believed to be the second house of prayer constructed after the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. Post-Rashidun-era Islamic scholars traditionally identified the mosque as the site referred to in the sura (Qur’anic chapter) al-Isra (“the Night Journey”). The specific passage reads “Praise be to Him who made His servant journey in the night from the sacred sanctuary to the remotest sanctuary.” Muslims identify the “sacred sanctuary” as the Masjid al-Haram and the “remotest sanctuary” as the al-Aqsa Mosque. Initially, Rashidun and Umayyad-era scholars were in disagreement about the location of the “remotest sanctuary” with some arguing that it was actually located near Mecca. Eventually scholarly consensus determined that its location was indeed in Jerusalem.

The Quranic passage that talks about the “night journey” of Mohammad to the “farthest mosque” took place sometime in the year 621 while the mosque in Jerusalem was not built till the year 705 CE! Which means, to whichever mosque Mohammad flew, it certainly was NOT in Jerusalem!

Let’s say for arguments sake that I were to accept Mohammad’s flight and let’s say I also accept for some reason that it was to the small sanctuary in Jerusalem, that still does not make the City of Jerusalem holy to Muslims, but rather a small mosque that didn’t actually exist at the time!

2. Direction of Prayer

Muslims turn their back on the Temple Mount when they pray.

While Jews face ONLY Jerusalem and while we mention Jerusalem in every prayer and when we say grace after meals, the Muslims do NOT consider Jerusalem as a holy city, EVER! Here is a picture from the Temple Mount – would you stick your backside out to a place that was holy to you?

3. Jerusalem Was Never An Arab Capital

While King David made Jerusalem the capital of the Land of Israel, never in the history of the world was Jerusalem ever a capital city of an Arab country, certainly not one called Palestine which NEVER existed!

You show me a single Arab country in the history of the world who held Jerusalem as its capital, I take down the Israel Shield blog!

4. Desecration of the Temple Mount

Whether you’re Jewish, Christian or Buddhist, you treat your temples and churches with respect and violence is simply not allowed in a place of worship. Watch these Muslims actually destroy furniture and carpets from the Mosque on the Temple Mount. Their lack of respect is witness to the fact that they clearly know that there is nothing holy to them and that the only reason they are holding on to that site is because they are fully aware that it is where the Jewish Temple once stood and will soon stand again. The mosque located on the Temple Mount was originally called Bayt al-Muqaddas which literally means built on the Mikdash (the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem)

There is one more historical fact that proves Jerusalem was NOT a Muslim holy city and that is, IT WAS A JEWISH ONE!
No one who disputes the fact that King David was the first to make Jerusalem a capital city.
No one disputes that David’s son Solomon built the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.
No one disputes the second Temple was also built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
No one disputes the fact that the Romans ransacked the Temple, slaughtered the Jews and kicked them out of Israel.
No one disputes that Muslims forcible conquered and occupied Jerusalem and built their mosque on the place of the Jewish Temple

For those of you who are planning on visiting Rome, you might want to check out Titus Arch which clearly depicts the Roman ransacking of the Temple vessels.

The fact is, Jews were in Jerusalem before Islam ever existed. Jerusalem was the Jewish capital of Israel before Washington was called the capital of America or London was the capital of England and Paris was the capital of France, so before you demand we give our Holy Capital City to those who come with a fictitious claim backed with terrorism and Jihad, I would ask you to give your capitals to those who call for your destruction as well!

That being said - I want to talk about religious coercion. If a religious person forces a non-religious person to do a mitzvah that is religious coercion. If a non-religious person forces a religious person to sin - that is ALSO religious coercion. At the ceremony for the opening of the embassy - there was religious coercion. In the crowd, there were plenty of religious men including rabbis [such as Chief Rabbi Lau and his father the former Chief Rabbi] and for entertainment they had a women signing. WHY??? Why couldn't they have a man sing? Why offend the feelings of the religious people? We are not permitted to hear a women signing [solo!]. It makes us very uncomfortable. So why offend us?

Answer: Because "they" [whoever "they" are] don't care. THAT is religious coercion [walking out would have caused an uproar, so that wasn't much of an option]. And this also happens in the army, despite the proliferation of religious soldiers - and in many areas in Israeli life. The irreligious complain when the religious don't stand still when the siren goes off on Yom Hazikaron. Well, offensive actions go both ways. 

So here we have one of the challenges of living in Eretz Yisrael and another reason we must daven for the true geulah and not this pseudo shebi-pseudo geulah of living in Israel under a secular entity.